Shopping - A Bit of Fun & Adventure...

Carriacou has always retained its authentic Caribbean way of life, unaffected by mass tourism. This is the precious charm of the island, so don’t expect shopping centres, luxury stores or tacky souvenir shops. 
Shops are concentrated in Hillsborough (the main town in Carriacou), where you will find all the necessary grocery and convenience stores to make your stay in Longue-Vue enjoyable:

Fidel Productions: Set in a bright green shipping container on Paradise Beach, Fidel Productions sells a range of quality souvenirs including t-shirts, hats, belts, jewellery, handmade soaps and household items. All items are locally made. Paradise Beach. +1 (473) 443 6185

Patty’s Deli: A gourmet food shop and delicatessen, with a good selection of pastries, dairy products, meet, cheese, wine and other treats from Europe. Main Street, Hillsborough (near the jetty). +1 (473) 443 6258

Fruit & Vegetable Marketing Board (MNIB): Fresh local fruits & vegetables, eggs, spices, sauces and other specialties. Main Street, Hillsborough (Southern end). +1 (473) 443 8791

Fish market: Fresh fish (Barracuda, Red Snapper, lobster, etc...) is brought here daily (around 10am) by local fisherman, straight from sea.  The market will clean and cut the fish to your specifications. Ideal for a BBQ at the villa! Main Street, Hillsborough (Southern end) - Next to the Marketing Board.

Bakery: There is a bakery conveniently located in front of the Shell petrol station in Hillsborough. The best bakery in Carriacou is Henrietta’s Bakery in L’Esterre between Paradise Beach and Tyrell Bay (just up the hill from the main junction in L’Esterre), They offer fresh home-made bread, pastries, cookies and cakes. +1 (473) 443 8995

Bullens Pharmacy: For prescription drugs and health products.

Main Street, Hillsborough (near the jetty). +1 (473) 443 7468

Vena Bullen & Sons: Grocery shop and convenience store.

Corner of Main Street and Church Street, Hillsborough.

+1 (473) 443 7468

Kim’s Plaza: Grocery shop and convenience store.

Open Sundays. Church Street, Hillsborough. +1 (473) 443 7733

Matheson’s: Grocery shop and convenience store. Church Street,

Hillsborough (in front of Kim’s Plaza). +1 (473) 443 7064

Ade’s Dream: Grocery shop and convenience store. Main Street,

Hillsborough (Northern end). +1 (473) 443 7317

Republic Bank: 24h ATM service. Main Street, Hillsborough (near the jetty). +1 (473) 443 7289

Carriacou Health Services: Private health centre and hospital. Main Street, Hillsborough (Southern End).

+1 (473) 443 8247

Princess Royal Hospital: Public hospital. Bel Air, Carriacou.

+1 (473) 443 7400

Dr. Freddy Rendon-Herrera: General medical practitioner. Victoria Street, Hillsborough. +1 (473) 443 8751

If you are looking for something specific, just ask around in Hillsborough, everyone is always happy to direct you to the shop you need.  There are countless ‘general store’ type shops on Main Street in Hillsborough, where you can spend hours simply browsing through the local knick knacks on offer. There is always something fun to discover while shopping in Hillsborough!